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Autumn/Winter Days

People in Brisbane, Australia get pretty excited when our winter months roll along, frankly after the 6 months of just tipping 40 Degree Celsius WARRRMTH that makes us MELLLT into our boots whenever not in air-conditioning, we’re ready to feel cool again… YES we wear boots in 40+ days… Cos NOTHING stops us from wearing Dr Martens, oh no, quite opposite land, like the rebellious bunch of pioneers/criminals and freedom fighters that we in Australia descend from, we are more determined to rock our favourite boots despite it all… WHY? Because we can… and because we want to!!

But seriously, winter is where it is at in this part of the world. It’s when you will see the bluest sky you will ever lay eyes on; and the grass and trees are their finest shades of green. The breeze is cool, and your jeans are tight, or maybe they are tights, maybe even Black Milk (Brisbane Represent)… Over-sized jackets/jumpers or tailored leather, maybe studs, maybe not, one thing is for sure, DOCS are always the best way to ground your unique and individual style… Here is a taste of Autumn/Winter 2015 by Made by Dr Martens, available at Downes Shoes…

Delaney Leo Multi WEB Karin Outside WEB Pascal Cristal CloseWEB Dante Oxblood Nose WEB Beau Outside WEB 1461 Crazyhorse NoseWEB 1460 Mini Tydee OutsideWEB Pascal White Poppy Outside WEB Baby OutsideWEB Ox Capper OutsideWEB Black Capper noseWEB Red Vintage OutsideWEB Cabrillo Crazyhorse outsideWEB Cabrillo Black 2WEB Coronado Crazyhorse NoseWEB 1460 Tattoo Sleeve Outside2 WEB 1460 Black Mono WEB 1B66 Front WEB Hide Smokethorn OutsideWEB