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Unique to Downes Shoes, we specialise in Dr Martens Modification, Rehab and Repairs.

All of our team members are Doc lovers and experts and we use our combined skills to work on Docs and do all things at the shop. It’s all about the passion and the love!

Found a hole in your leather? We can fix that! You can choose between more discreet internal patches or go all out and add to the character of your Docs by designing a custom patch! Any colour or shape is achievable with our expert team.


Sometimes Docs can be a little snug in the width… a date with our trusty Stretcher will sort that right out!


If laces aren’t your thing, we can add a zipper to any boot. We can also replace broken zippers.


If your aren’t a fan of the classic Dr Martens yellow welt stitch, or your workplace or school has a thing against it.. WE CAN CHANGE IT. Choose black or brown.. or even red, blue, green ANYTHING. We are so serious about moding your Doc for your unique needs, we have even perfected a way to darken the sole. BAM!


Old docs need love too.. Our rehab clinic will sort them out and have them looking like new.


This is probably our favourite mod.. as the possibilities are endless. Docs can be touched up for rehab or completely changed to become something brand new and exclusively designed for you.



Cherry Red to Oxblood is a delight to work on and the finished product always looks outstanding. Crazyhorse to Oxblood is another that takes our breath away.


As well as stretching, we can adjust Dr Martens to perfectly fit your individual legs and feet. Somethings we have done is widen tongues, extend around the calf, make straps longer in Mary Janes, put in heel pieces for a more secure hug, our team is so imaginative that together we can make any shoe fit.


We understand your Dr Martens become part of you, an extension of your body. In life things happen that we don’t expect.. and Docs get damaged.. and most of the time we can get your beloved foot friends wearable again. We can’t do everything but we will try our little hearts out.
The below picture is a repair our amazing Leah Lovelace completed recently. While working, a machete was accidentally put through the boot (with the man’s foot inside). Thankfully¬† he had minimal injuries but the boot was left broken and Leah skillfully got it back together.. and we will NEVER forget the story of the man who put a machete through his Docs


Ridiculously fun and makes the wearer jump with joy when they get the finished glitter boot on their feet… happiness for all! Completely customisable and many colours to choose from. It leaves glitter all around our workbench but we don’t care.. it’s too much cool!


This something we have been doing for ages and its great! If you have a patch you love we will use our 100 year old Singer sewing machine to stitch it on. The below picture is done over Christmas and was made to replace a very loved pair of Docs for a local’s family member in Canada. They needed the replacement because their Docs were eaten by a bear!!