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New Arrivals for 2014

Dr Martens at Downes Shoes early 2014
1461 cherry CY

(Pictured) 1461 Cherry Gibson

Downes Shoes (and we believe most DM lovers) are and will be when they see it, absolutely head over heels for the AU offering of Docs for 2014.

In future posts I will have new styles for Australian markets, pinky promise, this post will focus on the returning styles that we at Downes are super happy about.

2014 is shaping up to be a smashing year for Dr Martens, and if the early offerings are anything to go by, DM’s will leave no-one uncared for, with a good selection of Womens, Mens and Kids Docs on offer.


Dr Martens Australia’s Womens 2014 Collections first offering is an Elated Classic, a Lyrical Mix of Retro inspired Eclectic Pascals in a Triumph for us ladies.

(Pictured) the happy return of the Triumph 1914 Black Darkened Mirage Toe Cap Boot

triumph 1914 blk mirage Toe Cap


Dr Martens Australia ‘s Mens 2014 Collections first offering is a Revived Retro Classic, a Rugged yet Refined Classic, Eclectic to the Core!

(Pictured) Tobias Back in Black Greasy

Tobias Black


After two tentative steps into the pond of the newly revisited Kids Docs, DM’s AU have jumped in, lock stock and barrel, and we at Downes are forwarding that motion, as much as our little ship can.  From Classic Cherry and Black boots, to Patent Red Boots, to Patent Mary Janes, not ignoring the youths back to school ranges.

(Pictured) Delaney Kids Dr Martens


Dr Martens Delany Kids Patent Red