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Dr Martens Satchel Black Inuck 15"
Dr Martens Satchel Black Inuck 15"Dr Martens Satchel Black Inuck 15"Dr Martens Satchel Black Inuck 15"
Dr. Martens

Dr Martens Satchel Black Inuck 15″


We will also have 15 inch Satchels Charro Brando & Black Kiev!


Dr Martens Satchel Bag… Wow So Beautiful what can we say… Come and smell one.. It’s real!!

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Leather Type: Inuck
Colour: Black
Features: Silver hardware
Style Code: AB004012
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Product Description

Dr Martens Satchel Black Inuck 15″

Dr Martens Satchel Bags once were made by Dr Martens soooo many years ago, that we barely even remember them… It’s an if you remember it, you weren’t there kind of thing!

Luckily we have a vintage Dr Martens satchel (from way back in the vintage times when vintage meant vintage) we keep it in our vintage safe to remind us of those great things. In fact once upon a time, Dr Martens only made their satchels for their Factory owners, that is how cool they are… But now they make them specially for YOU and me and anyone who wants to invest in a quality satchel bag that will last for many many years!

In  2015 Downes Shoes, as Australia’s Premier Independent Dr Martens Store, we felt an obligation to share the goodness with the Southern Hemisphere, so we put our money where our mouth is, and we imported some Satchel Bags just for you! We started small as these are not cheap items, but we continued to bring in new and awesome things to the Doc lovers of Aus because we stand for ALL things Dr Martens! Now Dr Martens Australia has picked up the flag and is doing the hard work for us, importing limited runs of 11′ and 15′ satchels  (seriously limited guys, sooo very special)!! So now we can make these amazing Dr Martens products available for you, our awesome customers!

Naturally we’ve been testing these lovely Satchels, and we simply cannot fault them, they are as perfect as can be and we foresee a long long love affair with these beautiful satchels and seriously look forward to aging gracefully with these fantastic leathers, I’ve had my lovely 15′ for 4 years now, used everyday, often carries up to 10 kg and it still looks perfect… Seriously… I had to pay extra carry on for a short flight, even the airport guy was shocked at how much weight that thing was packing! P.S we don’t recommend such treatment!! But they can handle it!


  • Length 38cm
  • Width 10cm
  • Height 28cm

*Note to all good people reading this… While we aren’t rich enough to open shops in every town and state, we do LOVE to post Dr Martens things to you.  If you like this thing and you want it in your life, add it to your cart and we will have them specially delivered to your door.

When you order with us, we check the actual stock style. We open the box to ensure that the shoes are perfect and no surface scratches or inconsistencies wrong sizes appear etc… It happens! We personally and carefully check that your new docs are 100% perfect, because quality and service are MOST important to us.

If you have ANY questions about our styles, or have any confusion over sizing, let us know. If you are looking for something you cannot see, get in touch with us! We’d love to chat on the phone or send us an email using our contact page.